Betta Fish Care Tips And Guide

Betta's are among the easiest fish to care for but there are a few important things you must know to keep them healthy and happy:

  • Betta's are happiest when their water temperature is about 78 - 82 degrees. You'll need to get a heater and thermometer to check that the temperature doesn't vary too much. Avoid placing the tank in drafty areas or direct sunlight. You can get specific recomendations on the proper tank size, heater & filter to use from Caring for Betta Fish by Marcus Song.
  • Meat is an important part of your Betta's diet. If you try to make your betta a vegetarian he (or she) will get sick. A little variety in food is just as important to your betta as it is to you! Try some different brands and find the ones he likes best.
  • Betta's like to jump! They probably don't plan on jumping out of the tank, but unless you keep a mesh lid on it, they might accidently leap out. If you don't have a cover that allows airflow, then only fill the tank to within 3 - 4 inches of the top.

We've included a reprint of an excellent article, How to Take Care of a Betta Fish, with some more tips. For more information on keeping your betta happy & healthy you'll want to take look at Caring for Betta Fish by Marcus Song.

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